Get to Know Sarah
Meet Sarah, the Colorado Native.

Prior to joining the travel industry, Sarah spent five years in luxury hospitality in Aspen. Her desire to experience foreign cultures became a reality when she moved to France at the age of 24. She has lived in five different countries; Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and France. Living like a local allowed her to find her true passion for people, culture and, of course, wine! She has visited more than 20 countries, including Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Croatia and Malta; as well as traveling extensively around the U.S. When she is not planning trips for her clients, and herself, she is putting her educational background in winemaking to use. Sarah's focus is creating unforgettable excursions highlighting food and wine.

Photo Credit: Hilary Stumpus 

The Perfect Blend: Wine & Travel
Have you ever met a wine you didn't like?

We all have. Not all wines are created equal - understanding their origin and unique qualities are important to finding the right wine for you. And that is likely not in your backyard. Food and wine grown in the same region magically pair well together. Hence the expression, "what grows together goes together". Sarah not only knows how to make wine, she also understands how soil composition, altitude, and topography, plays a role in grape growing regions around the world. While living abroad, Sarah found her true passion - to combine travel and wine together. Exploring different regions will open your eyes - and your palate - to the ultimate immersive experience.

Authentic & Immersive Experiences
The most memorable moments are those that leave you craving more.

Wine making is equal parts experience, passion, art, and luck . Winemakers only get one opportunity a year to craft a beverage that aims to leave you speechless. To truly understand what being a Vintner entails, you must be encapsulated in the magic of the vineyard and the process of converting grapes into one of the oldest libations known to man. Join Sarah as she takes you on a journey that is not only immersive but authentic to some of the most iconic, captivating, and culturally expansive wine regions. This voyage will allow you to encounter the world of wine amidst passionate winegrowers that will leave you with a renewed sense of curiosity and unquenchable thirst.